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the orbital environment

Let's preserve sustainable access to space

for future generations

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Interview Claire Elss for Cosmos for Humanity
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17 sustainable and spatial development objectives


From the ancient Greek "κόσμος" (kósmos), meaning "ordered world", and the Latin "humanitas", referring to all human beings. Cosmos for Humanity evokes space exploration acting in the interests of humanity by preserving the orbital environment for future generations.


Only a neutral and independent entity, working on behalf of humanity in an impartial and disinterested manner, has the legitimacy to meet the challenges of sustainable management of the Earth's orbits.

Cosmos for Humanity is the first NGO for the sustainable development of space activities with public utility status.

Space pollution issues

kessler syndrome

Donald J. Kessler, space debris expert at NASA, has observed that beyond a certain critical mass, the total amount of space debris keeps increasing: collisions give rise to more debris and lead to more collisions, in a chain reaction.





The impact of space activities on climate change is still poorly understood and insufficiently documented, as is their impact on the Earth's ozone layer and magnetosphere.

land and ocean pollution

When satellites burn up in the atmosphere, their particles pollute the land, ocean and air. Some parts of these space objects cannot be completely burnt up in the atmosphere, and fall back into the ocean or onto land.

Let's act together

Space debris and Kessler syndrome

Our approach creates legal, economic and reputational incentives for an entire ecosystem. Cosmos for Humanity's public interest status enables companies and citizens to benefit from tax incentives when financing the sustainable development of space activities.

Rocket and satellites

We make the challenges of preserving the orbital environment accessible to all!
By offering training courses for companies and public events for all ages, our aim is to provide the knowledge needed to understand the environmental and social challenges of space.

Cosmos Kraker cleaning up space debris

We help companies meet the environmental and societal challenges posed by space activities by measuring their spatial footprint and integrating citizens into their CSR approach through our collaborative and transparent label.


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